Fencing Services for Santee, SC

Discover divine craftsmanship with The Carpenter’s Son Fencing Specialists. We provide comprehensive fencing services for homes in Santee, SC. We believe that the best fences need to be cared for from the earliest part of the process through the final installation.


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Our fencing is grounded in Christian values and American pride. We believe that you deserve the best that our Christian values and true, American pride can offer. Our team brings you fencing services that provide the best of both of these worlds.

We understand that different individuals have different fencing needs. Because of this, we work with you to identify the best possible fencing for your property. We offer a variety of fencing styles, including:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl

Our team works closely with you throughout the fencing process so that you are satisfied with the final result. We provide a wide selection of fencing styles and colors so that you can integrate our fencing into your property in a satisfactory way.


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We believe in the service that America’s senior citizens and military members have provided, which is why we do our part to pay it forward. We offer discounts for seniors and all military members.

Create celestial fencing in Santee, SC, with The Carpenter’s Son Fencing Specialists today. Call or text 843-730-6477 for a free estimate.